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optimism Gas price fee tracker API

OWLRACLE The multichain Gas tracker API

Owlracle provides statistical information about gas prices for multiple chains. We can help you save time and money by suggesting the optimal gas-related values before sending your transactions.

Owlracle says you should pay no more than this for Gas on network:

Gas Historical Data

We also collect and record gas historical data, so you can grasp how congested the network is/was at any given moment.

Owlracle Browser Extension

What you would expect, and more:

  • Gas prices, history, API key lookup. All Owlracle information, just a click away.
  • Tx advisor: Automatically receive our gas recommendations right into every Metamask tx confirmation window. You will never need to look and type gas price again.

Integrate with our API

Use our endpoints when building your app or bot. Never overpay or get stuck transactions again.

Give it to the Community

Owlracle's bots were designed to empower your DAO or community by providing easy access to our gas endpoint with a simple chat command


Frequently Asked Questions

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