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Polygon Fantom BSC Ethereum Avalanche Gas price fee tracker API

Bsc's OWLRACLE The multichain Gas Price tracker API

Owlracle says you should pay no more than this for Gas Price on network:

Refreshing in

Price history

If you are a software developer, and want to integrate your application with our gas price oracle, you can use our endpoints.

Gas price estimation

You can retrieve the gas price estimations through our API endpoint:

This endpoint will retrieve gas prices for network. If you prefer another network, replace for the corresponding network symbol. Check our header for the supported network list.

Owlracle scans recent past blocks (blocks param) to build an estimative of required gas price to be paid. It looks for the minimum gas price accepted on a transaction for every scanned block. Then it shows you the minimum gas price you should pay to be accepted on a percentage of your choice (accept param) of those blocks.

Dont worry if you don't want to set blocks and accept params. You can let Owlracle make predictions with the default values. The only required param you should set is your apikey.

The apikey query param is required. Check API keys section to learn how to generate and use one.

nmin: Owlracle look for the minimum GWei accepted on a transaction for each block by default. But you can also loose this restriction a little. You can use this argument to ask for the N minimum GWei values on each block. You can also use a value between 0.01 and 0.99 if you want to look for N% minimum GWei values of each block. This minimum block values will be used to calculate the speeds. Default 0.3.

accept: To define transaction speed you must determine on how many blocks you want a transaction to be accepted. With this argument you set the percentage of blocks you want the transaction to be accepted. Higher acceptance means more speedy transactions. You can provide a single value or a comma separated list of values, representing multiple speeds. Default 35,60,90,100.

blocks: Number of past blocks you want Owlracle to scan to build the estimation. Default 200. Maximum 1000.

version: Version of the api you want to request. Default 2.

The endpoint will answer with a JSON string with the following fields:

Note that if you plan to integrate this API with your application using the web3 library, you must multiply the value by 19 as the library expects the gas price in Wei.

A sample response (fetched on page load) is provided below:

Gas price history

In case you need to retrieve the gas price history, you could fetch the history endpoint:

This endpoint will retrieve the price history for gas, token price and fee for network. If you prefer another network, replace for the corresponding network symbol. Check our header for the supported network list.

You can pass the following arguments in a GET request:

The API will return an array of candlesticks built from aggregate data of the requested timeframe. The array is ordered from decreasing timestamps.

Sample Code

Fetching data from our API is as simple as a GET request:

API keys

When you access our endpoints, you need to use an API key. You can request our data up to times per hour for free. After reaching that limit, you can continue to make requests either waiting a few minutes or using your api credit.

API key management window

You can use the button below or the one in the header of this page to create, edit, and get information about your API keys. You can also use it to update your credit recharges in real-time.

Please keep in mind that you should use your API key in your server's code, never in the front-end code, mainly because of these two reasons:

You can make your calls to our endpoints in your server code, save the result in a file or database, then every time your users request the information you can send the cached result. Remember to schedule calls to our endpoints at regular intervals to make sure your cached data is always up-to-date.

API Credit

After reaching the free request limit ( requests in the last hour), each new request will subtract $ USD from your API account.

Any time you want to recharge your API credit, you can make a transfer of any amount to your API wallet on network. The amount transfered will be converted to USD and credited in your account. After the transfer, our server will update your api credit automatically within one hour. If you want to be credited instantly, you can click the update button on the API key information window. Keep in mind that the amount credited may vary depending of the token exchange rate.

API key information

You can access information about your API key using the keys endpoint

Fill your API key in the field above to get a sample response with real data

If the request is succeeded, you will get a JSON response with the following fields:

API key credit recharge history

Get information about every api recharge

Fill an API key having at least one recharge in the above field to get a sample response with real data

On a success, the result will be a JSON containing message and results fields. The results field is an array containing information about each API recharge transaction, where each element is an Object with the following fields:

API key usage log

Get information about your API key usage

You can pass the optional arguments fromtime and totime. They define the time range of your search:

Fill an API key that have been used in the last hour in the above field to get a sample response with real data

On a success, the result will be an array of JSON objects for each of your API key requests (limited to the last 10000 requests). Each record have the following fields:

Sample Code

You can fetch your API key information with a GET request:

Frequently Asked Questions

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